In the summer

A peerless scenario and tables overlooking the sea. The fisherman’s cottage is a delicious bistro, where you can be tempted by our seafood cuisine that tells of Mediterranean flavors.

Reservations recommended.

Open from June to September.
Call +39 338.9727085 


Sea view
A nice lunch and dinner – the sea right in front of your eyes, frame the dishes that speak the language of the sea. The delicacy of our dishes, with the charm of the landscape unfolding right in front of you – it is the beginning of an evening which promises to be enchanting.
The location meets the needs of the beach guests at lunch time − at night time it gets a new look with soft candle lights and terracotta candle pots, for a sweet and gentle atmosphere, for a dinner in a special place.
We like cooking, we do it with passion and great dedication. This is why we know how important it is to pay attention to raw material selection. you will find simplicity and authentic taste in our dishes. Come and taste our food prepared by our close-knit and expert cuisine team.
If you have an occasion to celebrate, special events that deserve a special setting, you can do it here and choose La Casetta del Pescatore. Our bistro will captivate you and your guests with the beauty of the environment and the courses rich of taste. We are experts in organizing banquets for up to 40 people. Your 3 to 10-year-old baby guests are warmly welcomed to enjoy our kids’ club. You will enjoy your party with total peace of mind knowing they are having a good time.