Do you host more than one wedding event per day?
Is it possible to rent the location and bring outside catering?
No, it's not possible. We are equipped with our kitchen and provide the whole wedding banquet.
Is it possible to get married both day and night?
Yes, we arrange daytime weddings on certain times of the year (getting married during summer time can be subject to some restrictions).
Is the kitchen Coco’s or do you cater?
The kitchen is ours, all dishes are on site prepared.
What kind of food do you offer?
Mostly Mediterranean food, fresh ingredients like fish: our strength point. Each menu can however be customized according to spouses’ traditions respecting the value and identity of our cooking concept.
Do you have special menus?
Sure. We create specific menus for each request type.
Is the wedding cake included in the menu price?
Yes. We can make it according to wedding theme or color.
Do you have disabled access?
Yes. We also have disabled facilities and staff available for any support requests.
Can spouses try your food?
Sure. All couples having confirmed their wedding reception at Coco are welcome to taste lunch, scheduled between March and April, for the menu definition.
As for musicians, do you have any partners or should we bring them?
We offer valid selection of artists and bands we collaborate more frequently with, at very affordable prices. Music choices and economic decision are managed by musicians and customers. Coco has no lucrative interest on DJs and musicians but has an interest in advising them as their musical proposals reflect the Coco’s image and expectations to be shared with our customers. However, we can take into account other bands.
Is the SIAE fee required?
Yes, it can vary depending on event type and seats number.
How long does a wedding ceremony last?
Time is approximate, we try to follow and support the time of our spouses based on their arrival at Coco and the menu setting, based on any dance breaks or agreements made with photographers and artists. Each event, unique and unrepeatable for us, has its own pace.
What is the difference between open bar and American bar?
The open bar (always included) is intended as an Italian bar with coffee, liqueurs and spirits. The American bar (available as extra paid service, upon request) provides instead for the administration of cocktails, drinks and muddled cocktails together with the wedding cake or fruit and pastries buffet.
How long before is it appropriate to hold the event date?
If you opt for a particular day, we suggest to book within 18 months, otherwise even 6 months before. For Fridays and Saturdays from the beginning of June to mid-September, for public holidays or special dates, we suggest to book at least a year and a half before.
How is the weather like in Apulia?
Month - max/min temp. (°C)April - 21/15 May - 25/18 June - 29/21 July - 32/23 August - 33/24 September - 25/19 October - 21/16

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